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How the concept was formed?
Echocardiography, during 1980’s and early nineties was in a developing phase in India, and only few people were actively involved in this field, though various people were showing interest in this specialty. However the general awareness was lacking.

1. In the above period, during the free paper sessions of Annual Conferences of the Cardiological Society of India (CSI) the smallest and insignificant hall was allotted for the echocardiography sessions.
2. That was the period when various young cardiologists and physicians were realizing the potential of echo and wanted training in this specialty. However there was no forum where this facility could be provided.

Realizing the above facts and to promote echocardiography in India on a scientific basis, Dr.(Col) S.K.Parashar felt that there was a dire necessity to form a Society dedicated to echocardiography.

When was Indian Academy of Echocardiography (IAE) formed?
In December 1994, during the Annual Conference of CSI at Chennai, 10 individuals including two interventional cardiologists had a meeting and the concept of IAE was proposed. This was accepted and it was stressed that one of the main objective of the Academy should be to have academic activities & create widespread awareness of echo. Dr. Savitri Shrivastava was proposed as the President and Dr.( Col ) S.K. Parashar as the Secretary which was accepted and an executive committee was formed.

Academic Activities of IAE
In February 1995, the 1st Annual Conference of IAE was held for 1.5 days only at Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi. This was attended by 93 delegates only. The total expense of the conference was about Rs.50,000/- while the collection was Rs.75,000/. With the balance money left it was decided to initiate a Journal of IAE and the first issue was launched in August 1995. Three issues were published every year.

The IAE expanded further and subsequently regular annual conferences were held in Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Udaipur, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bhuvneshwar, Udaipur, Bangalore etc. though not in that sequence. In every meeting select international faculty was invited.

The IAE got its International Recognition in February 2002, when for the first time, the VIth World Congress of Echocardiography & Vascular Ultrasound was organized at Delhi. 35 countries were represented with 86 international faculty / delegates attended it. The conference was a grand success. Based on this success another World Congress of Echo has been allotted to India which will be held in 2011. Various State Chapters of IAE have been formed and IAE has now become the fastest growing society with a membership close to 1,600.

Our icons in the field of echo were then involved academically in international conferences subsequently since 2008; the IAE has an academic tie up with American Society of Echocardiography & European Association of Echocardiography in the form of joint academic sessions.  

How the Logo was conceived?
During the Vth Annual Conference of IAE at R.N.T. Medical College, Udaipur, organized by Dr. S. K. Kaushik, a very magnified view of the logo, in the form of a ‘Rangoli’ , was put near the main entrance of the conference hall. This was conceived and prepared by Dr. Ravi Gupta, a resident doctor of this medical college. It was highly appreciated both by the delegates and the foreign faculty. Dr. Gupta was requested to design the IAE logo on the same pattern which he did so. He was awarded prize for his efforts.